The “My Bookmark Dashboard is Full” Link RoundUp!

Instead of giving you a month’s worth of reading at once, I figured it would behoove me to post my favorite articles as my dashboard fills up–which means sometimes you’ll see a link roundup every few days, and sometimes it will wait until the end of the month, depending on how awesome the internet is at any given time. More fun for you, more blogs for me (which helps drive people here), etc.

Before I jump into that though, I want to sincerely wish you and yours a Happy New Moon! If you’re Twin Cities located, I am doing some discounted readings throughout the week. I filled up surprisingly fast, so nab a spot now! This new moon is in Aries, which means it’s a great time to start things, show initiation, break negative cycles, and focus exclusively on your passions. It’s probably not a good time to start a debate, because this energy is SO passionate that things are likely to explode–especially if you are, or are arguing with, a fire sign or a person who’s moon is in a fire sign.

Sticking with the theme of New Age healing and Intuition for a moment, here’s a lovely article and chart on color coordinates that even I, at “Intermediate to Expert” level keep referring back too.

Some lovely Asana poses to help specifically with your Heart Chakra. I had to laugh at my sad attempt at the “Reclining Hero” pose, but the Camel has quickly become a new favorite!

Now, who loves film festivals?! Whoop, whoop! My friend Chris is an awesome, hilarious queer-identified man who runs the Out Twin Cities Film Festival, and you should run and check them out, because they have some great presale surprises going on.

In Film Fest news, I have very little connection to the Minneapolis International Film Fest, but the line-up looks beautiful.

This frustrated, honest, yet respectful slam poetry (that UpWorthy has dubbed “Dear Straight People”) bit has been floating around. Definitely worth seeing. For additional reading, see what me and my Sapphic Sisters are sick to death of hearing in a hilarious, brutally honest list from Buzzfeed.

I read a lot of theatre blogs, but other than now-dated reviews, my favorite thespian-themed article came from XO Jane--I love it because even those who didn’t choose this ridiculous lifestyle can probably relate to their experience. It also came right after I instituted my new column–collective subconscious for the win!

My secret unpopular opinions on “Fauxminism”, said better by the Skepchick crew than I ever could. For more Unpopular Opinions that I agree with, here’s a viewpoint on Margaret Thatcher that got me into some trouble this week, and here’s one more.

Self-serving bit: I updated my photo porfolio! I’ve done some shoots that I really loved that somehow hadn’t made it in yet.

Some practical business advice from my pal Alex for e-mail, letter, and even text crafting.

Have I made you watch Anita’s first Tropes Vs. Video Games yet? Have I? Hmmmm?

Speaking of women who rock my face off, R.I.P. Jane Henson. She fearlessly led the Henson franchise into today by showing empathy and concern for all marginalized people, and making sure we had our borderline-socialist puppet role models to look up too.

“The Whipping Girl” speaks to BUST…so many things I love in this one sentence.

This blew up my Facebook, and I’m hoping it did yours too! Serious read about un-sexing unspoken cues. It made me rethink my recent intimate experiences, and definitely has my planning something different for the future.

That would certainly be a bit heavy to end on, so how about some Little Rainbow Comics? My roommate won an anthology, and I read it all in one sitting. They are that charming and addictive.

Peace, passion, and love y’all. Please feel free to send my things you think I’ll like in the comments or via private message. XO.

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