Your Final August Link Round-Up!

Lots of fabulous links from the past two weeks for you! I hope I have it categorized in such a way that if you come here for feminism but don’t care about theatre, or love funny animals but don’t believe in New Age stuff, you’re able to sort through fairly easily. As always, the comment sections can be used to discuss a piece OR send me new cool things I might’ve missed. Enjoy!


Theatre (& Live Art)

  • When, in theatre, do we decide to be trendsetters, and when do we just keep the status quo? Great query from Howlround.

  • There was an asinine local article that I won’t send traffic to about if MN taxpayers are getting ripped off by art in the area–what I am posting is a beautiful response to that article that I wanted to applaud. This one was pretty good too.

  • I’m obsessed with pop up art, public art, and street art right now, and was excited to learn about this.

  • I was also really excited to learn about a rise in Arab American theatre.

Freelancer for Life

Radical Self-Love

  • How to succeed--at your career, your social life, and life in general

  • Also from The Militant Baker, a fairly in depth treatise on how self-loathing comes about in the first place.

  • For those of us who are female-identified, time with other female-identified persons is crucial.

  • When it comes to love, are you putting your money (and time and effort) where your mouth is? Really?

Tarot, New Age, Paganism, and Related

  • I recently found out that a colleague of mine in the TC Arts Scene writes for a Pagan collective–I loved her article on Folk meteorology.

  • Thought provoking piece on intention in your magic/meditations/etc.

  • Underwear “magic”? (Hint: it’s really color magic, but a great take on it)

Photography Info & Inspiration

  • This man goes where other photographers won’t–into the heart of the KKK and other hate groups to see how they really live.

  • I still hold National Geographic as the standard for inspiration and photographic integrity. Here’s a sneak peek into an issue that shows why.

Intersectional Queer & Feminist Musings

Nerd Alert

In Conclusion:

bird and moon

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