November ’13 Links to Love!

Good Evening!

I write to you honestly exhausted–but all from great things! I’ve been working really hard at my day job, dog-sitting, and meeting with fabulous clients left and right. Still, I’ve had LOTS of downtime for LOTS of internets–so here’s some great stuff to entertain, educate, or make you think. As always, feel free to share your own in the comments, or let me know what you’d like to see more of.

Music News
I am late to the game, but was fascinated by Nick Carter’s Dr. Phil Interview.
Luscious Jackson is back! Be still my hippie, hipster, dyke heart.

Just Because
I don’t hate people at all, but definitely get exhausted from new social settings, so this list was hilarious.
Your d’awww for the day.
A bohemian orchestral shanty town. They had me at…well, all of it.
A heartbreaking story about loss, by David Sedaris.
TW: self-harm, depression. This True Story about self-harm was deeply cathartic for me, so I wanted to pass it on.
AND to cheer ourselves back up…these Honest Slogans made me giggle.
You obviously need a Sharknado cat hat
I’m obsessed with this blog about precode Hollywood.
I’ve been wanting to see this film forever. This article just solidifies that.

Nerd Alert
Have you tested to see how well you see color? I scored pretty high, although not as high as I wanted too.
Renaissance portraits redone as superheroes!
Speaking of superheroes…some slash fiction got some silly, silly notoriety lately.
The best writers come from unlikely places.
Beautiful bookshelf secret passages!
Common writing mistakes–I was guilty of just one or two, but see the others all the time.

Taking Care of Business
Alex Franzen created a perfect template for describing your new project to people.
I’ve been reading and rereading this article on asking for things via e-mail.
10 Things Not to Say At Work–it’s not what I expected, and definitely needs read.
Struggling to problem solve? Try loving your problems.
A VERY necessary post about making time for your side hustle.

Let Me Hear Your Body Talk
Do you struggle with belly fat? There could be a hormonal reason.
Some bad news about your grocery store tea. I’m still reeling from this.
Some healthy, yummy recipes. (Food AND drink featured)

Witchy Woman (or anyone else!)
On accepting those who relate differently to spirituality than yourself.
Bored of red and green? Some Spiritual shake-ups to your Yuletide Color Palette.

Queer Culture
My favorite review so far of Blue is the Warmest Color.
My new favorite tumblr.
Have you heard about the tomboy beauty pageant?

Smashing Sexism (and the other “isms”…)
Writers, Sexism, and the Publishing Industry–Written by my beloved Malinda Lo!
Interesting look into prostitution–many will argue this doesn’t go with feminism, but sex work is controversial in feminist spaces and outside of them, and I think it’s worth a read.
Redemption as a primarily male journey–by s.e. smith.
Who else is over all the white people on t.v.? I KNOW I am.

Artsy Fartsy
Really interesting mix of marker, fashion, and photography. (Not to mention modeling!)
Amazing online curation of some recent photo series, all incredibly touching.
Truly hard-hitting, blunt talk about the Minnesota Orchestra lockout.
Who knew Siamese fish could be this fascinating?
Does horror work on stage? Has anyone reading seen anything terrifying? (I also adored the play in question, but agree the scare factor was not what I get from movies.)
Rocky Horror AND Body Positivism? Those are two of my favorite things!
From this year’s National Geographic Photo Contest
AND what would a link roundup of mine be without at least one article about social justice and theatre?

Carpe Diem, Every Diem
How to be a good tourist–written for the going overseas set, but works in new tows too.
Being happy for the people who matter, even when your life is…um, not quite together.
One day I will see the Eiffel Tower for real. Until then, I love this virtual tour.


Peace, passion, and love, y’all!

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