December’s Link Roundup

Good Afternoon Darlings! Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season thus far. I’ve got lots of wonderful links, so let’s jump right in.

On Self-Love (and related topics)
Toxic relationship patterns masquerading as normal.

How to make a drastic lifestyle change and stay in love.

This Gala Darling article hit extremely close to home for me right now.

Chelsea Talks Smack on…well, being nice.

Five has always been a magic sort of number for me, so I took this advice on living “Five by Five” to heart.

Courting friends who will be worth your time.

A fabulous set of uplifting quotes.

Staying mentally strong might mean cutting these mental habits.

Feminist (and queer) Musings
If you tell a woman to “shut up and ____”, you are missing the point of her feminist rant.

Selfies are not selfish. No way, no how.

When I wrote QUEER! I looked for tons of material on religion and queer identity, so I get really excited when I find a good article with a unique perspective.

Why I am team Peeta.

How to tell if you’re a feminist. A simple guide that made me smile.

Theatre Life
Can theatre change lives? (Hint: yes.) It’s an open thread, so chime in!

Ageism and classism in piracy discussions–I really think this will affect people in other creative fields too.

Tarot-ific links
A summary of Carol Channing’s palm–I got so excited!

A wonderful article on improving your visualization abilities.

On manifesting by making space.

Photography and Art
I’ve been obsessed with this website for weeks. There’s way too much good stuff to include individual links.

I hate to admit it, but I sometimes feel stifled by portrait photography. These photographers have really reignited my spark.

These are breathtaking.

Donna Choi calling people out on Asian fetishism in beautiful ways.

These bring tears to my eyes.

Writers on Writing
33 of the best tips for writers I’ve seen.

A great quote about writing from a DJ.

The power of words.

Even Vonnegut’s term paper guidelines are perfect.

Vegan/Food/Health Stuffs
Some wonderful juice cleanse 101 info.

Seasonal fruits and veggies guide.

Someone make me this pot pie, please and thank you.

I have to figure out how to vegan-fy a lot of these, but any easy cooking is fine by me.

I’ve also been obsessed with “Eat Well, Party Hard”, since that’s my secondary motto in life. (With Britney’s double “confidence and work ethic entendre of “Work, Bitch” being first.) Here’s some great tips on the first steps to a healthier life.

Et Cetera
I’m sure you’ve seen pics of the lost city of Heracleion by now, but I geek out over this stuff.

A sad but beautiful “A Softer World” issue.

Something all freelancers should read about bad habits.

For anyone who markets anything.

The Bloggess cracks me up.

Why creative people make no sense. See also: my life.

Wolf Rules for Life–love this!

Rites of Passage–beautifully written piece on one of my favorite blogs on loss.

Easy breezy make-up bag for on the go gals and guys.

Spot on easy cleaning checklist. I wish I could say I’ve been employing it…but maybe that’s a good goal for 2014.

Rocking a party where you know no one–very helpful.

Holiday decor for lazy people! I think I can even get my Scrooge-esque roommate into some of this simple, sweet ideas.

Cheap Plugs
I’m teaching a class on auditioning in January, so if you act, or want too, it’s a great place to either start or hone skills. I’ve designed it to be mixed level, so you’re guaranteed to get something out of it!

I have a GREAT end of year tarot special, so keep tabs on me here or here.

Until next time! Share any links you think I’d love or should at least see in the comments. Thanks for reading and supporting me in my endeavors, and enjoy all those holiday goodies.


Peace, passion, and love.


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